2011 Awards

2011 awardsTarbell Productions is , once again, thrilled to bring Brian Stokes Mitchell and Shirley Jones to the Awards Spectacular stage. In 2011 we will be presenting concert productions of Meredith Wilson’s The Music Man well as an inspiring medley from the Young American’s repertoire.

Perennial favorite and Emmy Award winner Mark Watters is our Musical Director and the 2011 show is shaping up to be more exciting than ever.

This year we’re honored to welcome Kelli O’Hara to the Tarbell Stage for the first time. We’ve also invited back Hugh Panaro, Roy Leake Jr, Cathy Newman and the Young Americans, as well as the incredible vocalist Nita Whitaker.

This annual show brings in a 3,000 person audience and all types of performers from Broadways big names, like Brian Stokes Mitchell, Bernadette Peters, Shirley Jones, Kelli O’Hara & Hugh Panaro to River Dance and dancing dragons.  It features a cast of 150 talented young Artists called the “Young Americans.”  There is nothing more exhilarating than watching these different worlds combine on one stage!  Young, Old, Broadway, traditional dance from Ireland, Scottish bagpipes, Chinese dragons and the list goes on, but never the less, always authentic and always with one thing in common, from the directors to the producers to the performers, THE LOVE OF MUSIC!

The 2011 Playbill will include a full orchestra, conducted by Emmy Award Winning Mark Watters to accompany Music Man & Our American Dream medley!

The production will be held at the Segerstrom Center for the Arts  on February 10th 2011, in the Segerstrom Hall.

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