2004 Awards

riverdance2In Riverdance, the dancers’ movements reflect in a dynamic way the stories that symbolize how the Irish culture has developed. Arrays of lights, scenery, costumes, music, and beats echo stories that will enchant you and take you to another world.

Riverdance first opened in Dublin, Ireland, in 1995, where the shouts and the sound of pounding feet and lively music could be heard. Now, Riverdance has the immediate impact on fans that no marketing scheme could have ever imagined. The energetic and sheer force of the performers brings a solid dynamite performance.

The Riverdance performance includes not only different arrangements and techniques of dance, but conveys the Hispanic, Russian, and Andalucian cultures in the dancing. The diversity of dancing also brought assortment of different styles of music. The distinctive sounds of the fiddle, uilleann pipes, low whistles, and a button accordion brought forth a unique and catchy music that will keep the audience mesmerized. riverdance1

The Riverdance performance also featured an acappella group whose lyrics told of times of laughter, hope, and heartache, and yet their crystal clear voices were haunting with their emotion-filled harmonies.

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