Roy Leake Jr.

Roy Leake Jr.Roy is completely delighted to be back for his 3rd Tarbell Awards Show, having played Lt. Billis in last year’s South Pacific , and the evil Inkeeper Thenardier in Les Miserables in ’08. This year, he is excited to be a part of My Fair Lady (the very 1 st musical he ever saw at the age of four at Anaheim ‘s Melodyland Theatre – he remembers it vividly!) He’s honored to have the chance to reunite with Don, Mark and fellow Tarbell “regulars” Stokes, Nita, Hugh, Susan, Kevin and Cathy – who he counts among his newest friends, as well as Bill, Milton, Robyn, Jim and The Young Americans – who he counts among his oldest, having been a member of the group from 1975 to 1982. Roy has played husbands, farmers, Dickensian pickpockets, bartenders, Chairmen, noblemen, ballet composers, Bard-spouting gangsters, disciples, Victorian women, carnival barkers, Pilgrims, Cookies, embittered puppeteers, the wrong people traveling, Jewish dairymen, piano players, morticians, disembodied voices, bigoted Senate assistants, cockneys, mad doctors, fast-talking salesmen, Russian Impresarios, comic strip dogs, hotel desk clerks, British AND Japanese Lords, gay alcoholics and several exceedingly mediocre nightclub performers. He has worked with directors as diverse as George Abbott and The Coen Brothers, performers as varied as Rosemary Harris and Roger Daltrey (in the same show – My Fair Lady !), and in venues ranging from The Hollywood Bowl to shopping malls to The Grand Ol’ Opry to State Fairs to Walt Disney Concert Hall. A proud member of Actors Equity Association and of L.A.’s award-winning Musical Theatre Guild, Roy has performed in 48 states, 5 countries and on 4 networks and has received numerous Dramalogue, LA Weekly and Los Angeles Drama Critics Circle awards for performing, writing and musical direction. For Mom & Dad.

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